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Awarded Website of The Month !

January 14th, 2011

Hello Everybody,

Thought i would share some good news with you today.

My friend Michelle told me that in the December edition of Quick Cards Made Easy magazine, my blog was featured in the websites of the month and was awarded ‘Best For A Good Read’.

This is what they had to say:
A great blog that’s full of inspiration, cute photos, crafty stories and gorgeous projects. A must-visit!

Awarded Website Of The Month Cardmaking

Website of The Month - 'Best For A Good Read'

It was really nice of Quick Cards Made Easy to pick my blog so a big THANK YOU to them. Glad to see that someone else likes my blog as well as me, lol !

Anyway must go making cottage pie tonight, going to have it with pickled red cabbage . . . . Mmmmm . . . . Yummy . . . Scrummy !!

Babies Everywhere!

October 4th, 2010

Yes i have a very special announcement. We have 4 new addictions to our family. My two lovely sister-in-laws have had a baby girl and baby boy. They were born only a few weeks apart. My husbands cousin has had a baby boy and my really good friend Villa from Taiwan has had a baby girl !!

I have only managed to get pics of my friends daughter in Taiwan because she e-mailed them to me.

Villa's New Baby Girl

Carrie and her Baby Sister

Guess i’m going to be really busy making baby cards !!!


Taiwan Holiday

June 9th, 2010

Hey Guys!

I went on holiday to Taiwan a couple of weeks ago for a short break to see my friend Villa and her daughter Carrie.

I had a lovely time! The weather was warm but also raining at the same time because it is the monsoon season at the moment.

Carrie Enjoying Her Ice Cream

I was lucky enough to stay with them at her flat in Tai Pei. It was cool, coz i shared her daughters bunk bed, which took me back to my younger days, lol

I really wanted a break, and this was the perfect excuse, as i got to see my friend who is also 6 months pregnant! ( I feel Baby Projects coming soon!) Therefore i did not want to drag her around sight seeing. Think i will definitely go back there for another holiday, as i really enjoyed it.

We were on our way to see the tallest building in Tai Pei, when we drove past a flower market. So we thought we would check it out! It was really different to our garden centres or markets in England.

It was full of orchids, bonsai’s and I bought a Ceramic Stem holder for Ikebana flower arranging.

Me and Carrie At The Flower Market

After a morning at the flower market, we headed off to Tai Pei tallest building ‘Taipei 101′. We didn’t go up to the top, coz the weather wasn’t that great, as you can probably tell from the picture.

Taipei 101 is Taipeis tallest building

Rather than going up to the tower we decided to go for ice cream instead! lol

Big Yummy Tubs of 'Cold Stone' Ice Cream

There were so many different restaurants and i really wanted to try a traditional Taiwanese Hot Pot. This is where everyone had their individual pots which are sunk into the tables where there is a electrical conducted heater that heats up the pots. Along with this everyone gets a standard big plate of vegetables and salad to boil in the soup and then you choose from the menu whether you wouldlike seafood or meat. Very yummy!

Carrie Getting Ready To Tuck Into Her Hot Pot

We ordered seafood and vegetarian. It was really nice meal!

Yum Yum!

Mei xx xx

My Little Craft Room

May 6th, 2010

Hello Crafters!!!!

I thought id show you my craft room. Its only small but i like it, because its manageable. (It used to be my husbands office, lol. Which i don’t think he is too happy about! lol).

Storage for Card & Paper For Crafting

A4 Folders For Storing Card And Paper

I try to keep it organised, it helps to know where everything is especially when i have loads of cards to make.

This add on unit for my desk from Ikea, not sure if they still sell it though. Its really handy for storing my crafting stuff, it also has adjustable shelves in the middle which is handy for storing my A4 ring binders on the bottom and ribbon, brads and other stuff on top shelves.

Storage tip
I keep my coloured/ patterned card and paper in A4 ring binders. Arranged in coloured sections, this way i can keep offcuts of the same card or paper together in same sleeves. I never throw anything away because i think its a waste….. and these small bit of paper come in use sometimes! I used to have a small box of offcuts but i found it time-consuming sifting through bits of paper. By keeping the card/paper in the folders helps tremendously especially matching up with pretty pattern paper and ribbons etc. On the spine of the A4 folders i have a few pieces of card/paper swatches so i know straight away whats in each folder!

Storage For Card and Paper

A4 Folders For Storing Card And Paper

I only put 1 or 2 sheets of card in the folders and any extra sheets i keep in a box. Its helps to make the folder lighter to hold.

Storage for Card & Paper For Crafting

A4 Folders For Storing Card And Paper

Some little accessories that i have dangling around my room !

Novelty animal Bells

Frog and Cow Bell Hanging From Desk Lamp

Hanging Novelty Frog and Monkey Bel

Monkey and Frog Bell Hanging From Other Desk lamp

Hope u guys like my lil Craft room, if you have any tips and suggestions on keeping my craft bits organised and looking pretty, please do share them! x x x

First Ever Post . . . . Wish Me Luck :)

March 5th, 2010

Hello World Wide Web of  People

Testing testing, one two testing . . . . . just making sure it works i am not very computer literate, lol!

So . . . busy at the moment with craft shows. Tommorow we are off to do a show in Leigh, have to get up at 5:00 in the morning – hope its not going to be cold.

Lots of our regular customers who buy from MeiFlower at the shows ask me to show them how to make my card samples. So i thought i would start putting them on a blog where it would be easier for me to share my ideas and thoughts with everybody.