Craft Show at Leigh Sports Village

March 17th, 2011

Hi Everyone !

Last week we were exhibiting at the Leigh Craft Show at Leigh sports village, which is organised by Sincerely Yours.

Managed to catch up with my friend Wendy she has a blog The Clipart Fairy where she does craft cds and downloadables. Wendy managed to do some shopping and bought lots of crafting goodies at the craft show.

I’ve know Wendy for a long time and first met her when she had a shop in Widnes. I still remember when i first went there to sell her some of our products and i was just stammering away because i was so nervous ! But bless her she was very good to me.

At the Leigh Craft Show

My Friend Wendy and I at The Leigh Craft Show

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  1. Hi Mei,

    We met and briefly spoke at the BSSBS fair, London. Would have love to get to know you more but was afraid you might be busy manning the booth.

    Anyway, I admire your passion for paper crafting and that’s why I am presenting you a blog award! Do come by my blog to receive it from the latest post ;)


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