Taiwan Holiday

June 9th, 2010

Hey Guys!

I went on holiday to Taiwan a couple of weeks ago for a short break to see my friend Villa and her daughter Carrie.

I had a lovely time! The weather was warm but also raining at the same time because it is the monsoon season at the moment.

Carrie Enjoying Her Ice Cream

I was lucky enough to stay with them at her flat in Tai Pei. It was cool, coz i shared her daughters bunk bed, which took me back to my younger days, lol

I really wanted a break, and this was the perfect excuse, as i got to see my friend who is also 6 months pregnant! ( I feel Baby Projects coming soon!) Therefore i did not want to drag her around sight seeing. Think i will definitely go back there for another holiday, as i really enjoyed it.

We were on our way to see the tallest building in Tai Pei, when we drove past a flower market. So we thought we would check it out! It was really different to our garden centres or markets in England.

It was full of orchids, bonsai’s and I bought a Ceramic Stem holder for Ikebana flower arranging.

Me and Carrie At The Flower Market

After a morning at the flower market, we headed off to Tai Pei tallest building ‘Taipei 101′. We didn’t go up to the top, coz the weather wasn’t that great, as you can probably tell from the picture.

Taipei 101 is Taipeis tallest building

Rather than going up to the tower we decided to go for ice cream instead! lol

Big Yummy Tubs of 'Cold Stone' Ice Cream

There were so many different restaurants and i really wanted to try a traditional Taiwanese Hot Pot. This is where everyone had their individual pots which are sunk into the tables where there is a electrical conducted heater that heats up the pots. Along with this everyone gets a standard big plate of vegetables and salad to boil in the soup and then you choose from the menu whether you wouldlike seafood or meat. Very yummy!

Carrie Getting Ready To Tuck Into Her Hot Pot

We ordered seafood and vegetarian. It was really nice meal!

Yum Yum!

Mei xx xx

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