Thursdays Flower Arranging Class

March 18th, 2010

Hooray . . . its Thursday, i look forward to today because its flower arranging day. I go to a small flower arranging class near where i live.

Its a really nice and usually relaxing class. A lot of the ladies that go there have been going for years, they are all a nice bunch.

flower arranging

Me.... Concentration mode!

Its nice to take a break from card making to do some other creative activities.

Anyway this week was supposed to be easy, come up with a simple idea (or that’s what i thought) but it was completely the opposite. My teacher – Linda was laughing at me because i looked sooo stressed out. Lol!

flower arranging

Me stressed out, trying to hide myself. Lol!

Finished Masterpiece . . . Ta Dah !!

Margaret Working on Her Design

This is Margaret my neighbour working on her candlestick piece. She’s a very good friend, she lives across the road from me. She also goes to the card making group on Mondays.

2 Responses to “Thursdays Flower Arranging Class”

  1. super arrangement ,love the design ,its very eyecatching.
    tracey x

  2. Mei says:

    Morning Tracey

    Thank You for a lovely comments, yes i love flower arranging. Not been this term due to work commitments but hopeful going back in September.

    Have a lovely day, sun shining here!


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