Glam Dog Cards

May 21st, 2010

Hey Fellow Crafters!

I was crafting away and realised that I had this really nice 12 x 12 posh pet scrapbook paper which i bought from a craft show. I Love using scrapbook papers for card making, as you can get so many different patterns and textures.

Dog Themed Birthday card for dogs or general Birthdays

Doggy Card with Pretty Paw Print Ribbon

When i saw this paper i knew straight away what i wanted to use it for and exactly what with!!

I bought this paper ages ago and decided it was just too nice to use! lol

For my card making idea I matched up this glam pink glitter scottie dog from MeiFlower with the gorgeous paper and added the white furry paw print ribbon as a finishing touch.

I love the paper sooo much, that i made more doggie cards, lol . It’s so versatile that i used it with a black and pink theme too.

Pink Fabric Dog With Matching Furry Paw Print Ribbon

Black & Pink Doggy Card

For this Card, i only used a thin Strip of the paper, and yet it is still so effective. This one sheet of paper went really far, lol!

Cerise and Black Padded Fabric Glitter Dog

'Posh Pet' Paper Trimmed to Make A Banner

Following through the Pink & Black themed doggy card, i decided to use a sparkly pink glitter dog.

Cerise and Black Padded Fabric Glitter Dog

Cerise and Black Padded Fabric Glitter Dog

3 Responses to “Glam Dog Cards”

  1. lalkygirl x says:

    2 fantastic cards mei,those little pooches are gorgeous
    tracey x

  2. Wendy says:

    Hi Mei, great blog, I will become a follower :) We must catch up soon, Im sunning myself in Tenerife at the moment :) Ta ta for now, Wendy xxx

  3. Mei says:

    Hi Wendy
    Nice to hear from you. Sorry not contacted you for a while. Hope you are keeping well.

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