Cute baby cards

December 22nd, 2010

Hi All

My friend in Taiwan sent me some more photos of her daughter Daisy today. What a cute name! Her full name is Daisy Wu, it really suits her.

So i have decided today to put a couple of cute baby cards on my blog, well they are same design but just in case you want to make a card for a baby boy i have put the boy version on as well.

The base card is a  4 x 4″ square white card

Baby stickers for new baby

'It's a girl' baby arrival card

This is another very simple card. When using small stickers or toppers, i have discovered that by framing the topper in a matted and layered frame. It makes the topper look bigger by making it a focal point.

Fun epoxy stickers used on a baby card

Baby themed gel stickers used for baby card

I usually pick the bigger items to frame by measuring the topper and making a square slightly bigger than the topper or sticker. This creates a stunning effect, it gives a wow factor on the card. I have framed a cute baby girl, bib and a pink baby pram and chosen some smaller stickers to complement the three stickers.

Baby girl card with cute gel baby themed stickers

'Its a girl' baby pink grosgrain ribbon folded to create a tag

To finish off the card i have stuck thin lilac satin ribbon on the top and bottom part of the card. I have created a tag using a ‘It’s a girl’ embossed baby ribbon, folded in half and stuck behind the middle framed baby topper.

This is the same card in baby blue

New arrival card for a baby boy

Simple 'It's a boy' baby card

Baby boy patterned ribbon used on a handmade card

Baby ribbon made into a tag

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