Cream Wedding Cards

June 8th, 2010

Yes its the wedding season again! I still remember last year when we were preparing for my sister-in-laws wedding. It was such a buzz, everybody was so excited about the wedding. There is so much preparation involved!

My husband and I were in Dubai last year so i could not help her make her wedding invitations but i did give her the idea and she went ahead and made them by herself. I did help a lil bit by cutting out the shapes on my Sizzix machine.

I will get round to posting her handmade wedding card on here, i just need to find it first, lol. I kept it safe to make the newly married couple a special wedding scrapbook. Just need to remember where my safe place was !!

Here are a few examples of cards i have made for friends & family.

Cream and gold wedding card using cream organza flower

Wedding Card For A Special Couple

I used a cream 6×6″ square card. Ive used this idea for both a wedding card & invitation.

I used a cream base card as well as pearlescent card, cream corrugated card to mount the flower embellishment on to.

For the other half of the card i used gold printed ‘Wedding’ vellum.

The cream flower leaf stem is stuck down with double sided tape onto pearlescent card and then mounted onto cream corrugated card.

Cream organza flower

Cream Organza Flower on Pearlescent Card

The strip of wedding vellum is attached onto the side of the card with gold brads i find glue or tape a bit messy when working with vellum,

Wedding card ideal for invitations or personal

Gold Organza Ribbon Looks Really Pretty and Hides Where The Two Papers Meet.

For the edging of the Card, i ran a small strip of thin double sided tape on top of card and sprinkled shimmer dust onto tape. i also did the same on the bottom of the Card. I think it makes the card look extra special.

Wedding Invitation
Here is another idea for a Wedding Invitation, where the theme was Butterflies.

Wedding Invitation using fabric embellishments

Cream Butterfly and Flower Wedding Invitation

Pretty Sequin Butterfly Embellishment

Sequin butterfly embellishments

The Sequin Butterflies were layered on top of each other, to give a fluttery effect!

Below the ‘wedding day’ i have a ran some gorgeous organza ribbon along the card and embellished it with some cute sequin flowers stuck down using a brad through the centre hole .

D.I.Y Wedding Invitation

Organza Ribbon with Sequins & Brads

I love making wedding cards and would want to take it up full time but due to my workload for Meiflower, i have put this idea to one side and just make invites as and when im asked.

Making my handmade wedding cards for MeiFlower, friends & family is enough to keep me busy at the mo!

Love Mei x x xx

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